How to pick a dj name

How to pick a dj name

What s Your DJ Name – BuzzFeed May 2 2015. You should watch a vid by DJ TLM about picking a DJ name. Use your real name, or a variation of it (i.e.

The DJ Name Generator Rum and Monkey Enter your name to recieve your blockrockin hip-hop gangsta DJ Name. I guess it makes sense that a DJ with one of the most boring real names in history (Mike Levy) would choose to go the absolute opposite route. So here s my advice on how to choose your DJ name: Try your own name.

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Consider having two DJ names if you play two styles. Nope, it should be enshrined in law that DJs must pick silly names to.

Ask your best friends, not your groupies, if your name is any good. Quiz Meme Choose a quiz to try for yourself. Choosing The Best DJ Name – How To DJ Quickly Jun 1 2014. Be sure your name is not taken. Seven Ways To Find Your DJ Name Thump Jan 2014.

Secrets To Choosing A Good DJ Name – Digital DJ Tips

But where unless you re 70-year-old British selector, DJ Derek is the. If you are going to be totally fake pick a name that might sound real but really has nothing to do with you.

Start by picking one of the below. Instea pick a name that has lasting relevance.

You need a cool DJ name for when you bring the sick beats. Our guide to choosing a DJ name – Video Red Bull Music Nov 2013. DJ name suggestions m It is really astounding how often there is a make up a DJ name for.

Secrets To Choosing A Good DJ Name – Digital DJ Tips Jul 2 2010. How To Pick A Great DJ Name – DJ TechTools Jul 2012. Choosing the best DJ name can be difficult, so I thought I was put together some guidelines to help you choose your DJ name. Now enter your name and click the button. You may just learn something about yourself. Or use the old trance DJ naming system by using your first name but your middle name as your last name.

How to Find a DJ Name That Isn t Taken: Steps Try to think of famous DJs with names that contain more than. 1378. Ace Hardware can help you find the look and type of motion sensor lighting.

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