Cherne test ball plug

Cherne test ball plug

Cherne Oatey Cherne is the recognized world leader in pipe plug and testing equipment manufacturing. Cherne Industries – The Best In The Business Cherne is recognized as an industry leader throughout the worl selling pipe plugs and testing equipment from Minneapolis to Madrid. Shop Cherne 4-in dia ABS Test Ball Plug Fitting at m Cherne 4-in dia ABS Test Ball Plug Fitting.

Test Balls – Oatey The Cherne Test-Ball continues to be the most trusted pneumatic test ball in the. Cherne 2700Test-Ball 3-Inch Plug – Hardware Plugs – m The Cherne Test-Ball continues to be the most trusted pneumatic test ball in the industry. Drain, waste and vent plumbing systems The inflatable rubber plug easily fits through hard-to-access pipe openings. Cherne 2700Test-Ball 4-Inch Plug – Pipe Fittings – m The Cherne Test-Ball continues to be the most trusted pneumatic test ball in the industry.

Cherne Industries – The Best In The Business

Test Balls - Oatey

Designed for applications from pressure testing and blocking of. Bulk Test-Ball Plugs Individual Display Bags I-Series Plugs.

This feature prevents over inflation of the pneumatic plug. Cherne Test-Balls are now available with patented Rupture Disc Technology.

Cherne Oatey

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