Boots with hidden compartments

Boots with hidden compartments

Platform Shoes with Secret Compartments Secret Compartment High Heel Shoe StashVault. In this instructable, you will learn how to how to make a hidden compartment in a shoe.

Stranded somewhere remote, and its new Substratum boots feature a secret compartment inside designed to stash an emergency fire starting. Double Agent Shoes – Viva The Shoe Revolution. Double Agent Shoes – Ladies Shoes With Secret Compartments Double Agent Shoes – Ladies Shoes With Secret Compartments. Making secret compartment in shoe.

Shoe StashVault

Double Agent Shoes - Ladies Shoes With Secret Compartments

Above: Secret Compartment Hidden in Coin link. I chose a man s dress shoe. First, you will need a shoe with a heel. Although I think these shoes are intended for walking only (hence the name they include a hidden compartment in the left shoe s midsole for).

Secret Compartment, Wedges and Shoes. Feet Of Flames: These Survival Boots Include a Built-In Fire Starting Kit. Top Secret Compartments You ll Not Want to Miss : – Design Soak Here s a set of Secret Compartments, which are hidden in cars, houses. Shoe StashVault The Rocky S2V Substratum hiking boot has a secret compartment under the footbed the houses an emergency fire starter kit with tinder for survival use. The maps were sewn into the lining of pilots bomber jackets, stashed inside a secret compartment in the heels of their boots, or rolled up inside.

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