Are old fire extinguishers worth anything

Are old fire extinguishers worth anything

Also, how much do you suppose a couple old rotary s would fetch me on E-Bay? You have some old fire extinguishers and you no longer want them, why not sell them?

What to do with empty fire extinguishers? Just look up fire extinguishers in the yellow pages, there may be a company nearby that does them. Fire extinguishers – Scrap Metal Forum done the search and didnt see anything, we cut up a rolled oil tank a couple weeks ago and wanted to take some fire extinguishers just in.

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So, what I d like to know is: can this fire extinguisher be charged. It is not illegal to sell old. Selling a fire extinguisher – fire extinguisher information Selling a fire extinguisher? The handles off, like i said lots of work but definetly worth the effort.

Antique And Vintage Fire Extinguishers – JustCollecting They were also produced in striking glass colours, and are popular with antique glass and bottle collectors along with extinguisher collectors. Oh yeah, it s possible, anything is possible. Stuff, if I ever get hold of anything of interest I will let you d take a. Antique Fire Extinguisher Find great deals on for Antique Fire Extinguisher in Firefighting and Rescue Historical Extinguishers. Do with the extinguishers and media and worth a look (if its gone I have a copy).

Polishing Old Brass Fire Extinguishers – Finishing Antique Pyrene Brass Fire Extinguisher Hand Held Heavy Vehicle Type QT. Trying to find any old COin original condition is difficult as over the years. Old Fire Extinguisher, What Should I Do With It?

Has anyone used the everlast plasma cutters they have a couple amp models for around 500. Scrapping fire extinguishers – Crisis Response Journal I have some dry powder fire extinguishers that are scrap, I went for.

Right about c we used small chunks to heat our cofferc-rats, it burns nice, need caps to. And if it was worth anything is it worthless now? How much is a antique fire extinguisher worth?

Polishing Old Brass Fire Extinguishers - Finishing

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