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Access control system

Computer access control – , In computer security, general access control includes identification, authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit. It is the most common form of system identification and authentication. Logical access control – , In information technology, logical access controls are tools and protocols used for identification.

Access control list – , An access control list (ACL with respect to a computer file system, is a list of permissions attached to an object. Learn all about the different types of access control providers, electronic locks, and types of authentication. An ACL specifies which users or system).

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Access control – , Jump to Access control system topologies. Access controls are security features that control how users and systems communicate.

Distributed Access Control System – , The Distributed Access Control System (DACS ) is a light-weight single sign-on and role-based access control system for web servers and server-based software. Logical access controls enforce access control measures for systems, programs, processes, and information.

Computer access control

Your Personal Guide to Access Control Systems – – KISI This is your personal guide to access control systems. A more narrow definition of access control would cover only access approval, whereby the system.

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